About NIXA

NIXA Martial Arts Institute was founded in 2017 by Master Ian Yu and Master Yong Jin Park. With its headquarters based in Ladera Ranch, California, NIXA quickly established itself and became one of the well-known martial arts school in the area. With their burgeoning success, NIXA expanded to open a second location in Yorba Linda, CA in 2020 with Master Alfred Rhee and Yoon G. Chang. With great synergistic work between NIXA Masters, NIXA Martial Arts has become one of the most prominent martial arts schools in the Southern California region to date and has produced a great number of National Champions since then. All of our instructors and staff members strive to create a positive yet disciplined environment where students can cultivate their physical, mental, and spiritual strength while building confidence, social skills, and anti-bullying techniques. We believe these life skills will allow them to be productive and respected members of society.


Director of Yorba Linda Location

Master Rhee has been studying martial arts for over 30 years in the United States.  He is a 5th Degree Black belt in Taekwondo and Hapkido. Master Rhee also enjoys teaching other styles of martial arts such as Muy Thai Kickboxing and Kali escrima to our teen and adult students. He really likes salsa dancing. His passion is mentoring the next generation, through our Leadership program, where he takes his experience from the corporate world and teaches our students to become America's Future Leaders. 
Head Instructor of Yorba Linda Location

Master Yoon graduated from Kyung Hee University in South Korea with a major in Taekwondo and Physical Education. 

She is a certified Instructor, Coach and Referee from Kukkiwon and USAT, and is specialized in TKD Demo and Sports Poomsae. She has been a Demo team director & a Poomsae competition team coach in Naperville, Illinois for the past 5 years. Master Yoon holds the rank of Sixth degree Black Belt and is guiding and mentoring the next generation of female Taekwondo students.

Director of Ladera Ranch Location

Master Yu has studied under Grandmaster Myong- Mayes, former 1988 Olympic Coach for the United States who is labeled as a living legend in South Korea.  He was a Junior National Champion in both sparring and poomsae, and was a 4-time undefeated champion in North Carolina. Master Yu received his bachelors degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in Media Production / Interpersonal Communications. Master Yu is also a certified personal trainer as well as the certified golf teaching professional.  

Head Instructor of Ladera Ranch Location

Master Yong Jin is a certified International Referee in both Poomsae & Sparring for the World Taekwondo Federation. He has been a long-time competitor for the city of Daejon in South Korea, and has been an undefeated sparring champion for two years before relocating to the United States.   He has been coaching for Team NTC in Diamond Bar for the past 3 years.
NIXA Martial Arts - Yorba Linda